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In 2005, after watching the animated film ROBOTS, I was inspired to create robot art. There was no clear vision at first. Starting with stuff I had lying around my illustration studio, I began to piece objects together in sketches. Numerous trips to thrift stores netted enough materials to begin a few builds, but with a few failed attempts, I became frustrated and abandoned it all. Fast forward to 2017. I needed to free-up space in the basement, so I decided to finish the bots I had started, sell them (hopefully) and trash the rest of the items. There was one problem. I needed a few things to accomplish this. A trip to a local antique mall renewed my enthusiasm and would eventually lead me in a fresh direction. In 2020, I had my first solo exhibit, RUST AND RECREATION. Though it was closed to the public for over half its run due to Covid, the opening had a good turnout and was a great experience. There are now Cleggobots residing in New Hampshire, Colorado, Tennessee, Florida, Virginia, Massachusetts, New York, and Georgia.

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