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Blind As I Am...

My father has dealt with severe loss of vision most of his adult life. He sees bits and pieces, sort of like looking through a kaleidoscope. He would sometimes say, “Blind as I am, I could see that.” That’s how I would describe my artistic vision. The really great artists seem to have so many ideas bouncing around in their brains, they can’t get them expressed fast enough. They see things the rest of us don't. I see bits and pieces. I visualize on paper, and when the visions aren’t clear in my head, I stumble around like a blind man until I (hopefully) bump into something good. Not an ideal trait when you’re trying to make a living as an illustrator. And so, tired of bumping into dead ends, I quit building robots. That was 2010. For the next seven years, I did only a handful of concept sketches, none of which inspired me to head back to the workshop. It was time to play more golf. If I was going to be frustrated, I might as well be outside enjoying the sunshine with my buds.

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