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Chasing Squirrels

Predators in the wild maintain focus on a specific potential prey, thus increasing the odds of a successful hunt. I, on the other hand, have a tendency to turn my attention towards anything entering my periphery. In the search for an artistic vision for my robots, I went down a lot of rabbit holes. I know, the title of this blog is “Chasing Squirrels” so I’m mixing metaphors but it does reinforce the point that I suffer from a lack of focus. After fretting about where I would obtain all of the materials needed to build a significant population of robots, I stuck my head into one such hole. I figured I could just do some robot PAINTINGS. That way, I could make them look any way I wanted with no concern for how they would be constructed. The main obstacle was my old nemesis, lack of vision. What did I want to communicate? Would the viewer walk away with a new thought or would they just walk away? I took one sketch as far as a color study in Photoshop, but it fell short. And I wasn’t getting any better at golf, either. Maybe someday I'll paint 'em great and hit 'em straight.

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