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My Boxing Days

The thing I really liked about the handmade boxes was the ability to mount old gauges and other accessories. There was also the advantage of having control over the size. Brads nailed into the wood mimicked the look of rivets. I thought I was onto something.

One of the box designs caught the eye of my friend and longtime client, Jeff Dinardo. It featured one of two red vintage lanterns I found on Ebay. They are perfect robots heads and unique. I’ve never seen any like them since. Jeff offered to buy it when it was finished, but it never got past the Photoshop stage. He would, however, become the first person to buy a Cleggobot and now owns two.

The first robot I actually completed was a big red bulky… something. I was happy with the result at first, but soon found it lacking in personality. I ended up using the lantern on another bot, Commander Flip. At some point, I may try to turn what’s left into something. I would hate for all that work to go to waste.

The second (and final) of the box robots had a little more personality than the first, but it still fell a little short somehow. And there was the time-consuming issue. I couldn’t see how I was going to build more than a few each year. And I was not really enjoying the process. It was time to move on to another hobby.

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