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Look What I Caught

In 2017, I decided to free up space in the basement by getting rid of the robot parts I had collected. I did want to finish a few of the TinFolk pieces that were under construction so that the venture wouldn’t be a total failure. I just needed a few parts. While shopping for said parts, I ran across an old tin with a nice patina and thought it would make a good body. I was supposed to be looking for parts to finish a few old bots, and here I was thinking of starting a new one. I really thought I was done with this stuff. I had also told myself I would never use tins since there were other builders already doing so, but I knew this one would go well with a small lantern in my stockpile. It took until early 2018 to build and would eventually receive a major makeover. I wouldn’t say it was my best effort, but it did reignite my enthusiasm. Soon, I was reconsidering the use of vintage tins. I would just have to figure out a way to make mine unique. I was chasing another squirrel but this time I felt as if I had caught one.

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