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As I doodled the earliest concepts, it occurred to me that I would need a steady supply of materials. I originally wanted to use mid-century appliances since it would be the best way to mimic the feel of the images in the movie ROBOTS. That was, after all, my inspiration. I just couldn’t figure out how I would obtain enough of it on a regular basis (and cheaply.) I explored the possibilities of reclaimed wood, discarded plastic containers, I even considered gourds. At some point, I found myself rummaging through thrift stores for pots, kettles, candlesticks, and anything else made of metal. As I combined these objects into various configurations, the character of the pieces began to develop. I thought I had found my look. Now, I needed a name. After a little brainstorming, I settled on TinFolk. It was taken. Not a huge surprise, since it is a pretty obvious play on words. For now, a name would have to wait.

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